Sarah Thompson

Mediation Facilitator & Reiki Master


I was first drawn to Meditation and Reiki, when a close friend of mine offered to give me a Reiki treatment to complement the chemotherapy I was receiving to cure my Leukaemia.  I didn’t know what to expect but didn’t have anything to lose and after one session I was hooked! At the same time my Dad was encouraging me to meditate in order to help me ‘control my state’ while I was stuck in hospital for weeks at a time.

Seven years later, I am a Life Coach, Reiki Master and practice Meditation on a daily basis. I also lead Meditation sessions from my home and facilitate sessions for both the adults and students at the Secondary School where I work. I have very successful results with those who suffer from anxiety, stress and anger problems. I truly believe that Mediation should be made compulsory in schools.


I love teaching the art of Meditation to others. Once you have experienced the level of complete calm and bliss that Meditation can give you, you will never lose it. The most amazing thing is that you can do it anywhere and it’s free! All you have to do is close your eyes.

Sarah Thompson

I believe that a combination of Meditation and Reiki keeps me healthy and well and it will always be an extremely important part of my life.


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