Amanda Rabor – Isossy children’s designer – IY Youth Fashion show – Saturday 23rd March

Amanda Rabor is the classic Millennium woman, mother, partner, daughter, sister, business women, and eternal student, trying to have it all and loving every minute of it! She has a wonderful husband who helps her to achieve this. Family is extremely important to Amanda and her business endeavours always involve her sister and right hand person.


Her global perspective comes from her Nigerian father and Trinidadian mother who raised her internationally in NYC and later London.

Amanda is passionate about all aspects of personal development and personal evolution. Her belief in continually challenging herself led her to undertake a Psychology BSc Degree along with studying Counselling. Amanda loves living from a Spiritual base, her life experience has taught her that prayer, more recently meditation and lots of laughter help to keep her balanced.


Isossy Children is truly Amanda’s calling. It’s a creative calling but far more than that, it’s a calling to promote diversity and global clothing for kids. The label incorporates African, Asian and Western cultures to create contemporary clothing that all children can wear. The inspiration is transcending cultural barriers and opening it up for all children. Amanda believes that it is empowering for children to see African prints in their day-to-day expression and in turn it promotes inclusion and understanding.


Amanda designs all the pieces and is part of the complete design process which has been very important as it’s a reflection of her creativity and growth. She uses plenty of African Ankara designs from West Africa as well as batiks from Thailand and India.


Isossy Children is a pioneering company. It has vision and it will grow dynamically around the world. Isossy Children is a brand that believes in and promotes family values. Amanda believes in kids being kids and being allowed to be kids through the clothes they wear. The label offers something alternative, diverse and special for both parents and their children.


The label has seen many successes since inception including being shortlisted for ‘Online Retailer of the Year’ by a prominent UK Children’s wear magazine. This year is already promising more recognition from the children’s mainstream industry and that is becoming more global.


We are taking part in Global Kids Fashion Week on March 20th . This is the first of its kind in the UK and really aligns Isossy Children on the global platform.

The below is a link to Junior Magazine write-up of us for 2012—isossy-children/13412.html

The below link is for our website. You can access our Blog, further press and videos,
through the site.

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