Board of advisors and Intern’s wanted

for Inspirational YOU and our new Inspire YOUth Academy

Expenses paid
If you are interested in joining a board or gaining further experience, then please apply.
Description of Roles
InternshipsBoard of advisors
Deputy Chair 
Chair - board of advisors
The chair will also ensure that we our strategy into action and ensure all teams are delivery to their part of the strategy.
• The chair will ensure IY is operating in a lean and sustainable way, without compromising on quality and building on successes.

Head of Communication’s
• Responding and communicating with the media and handling PR requests.
• Overseeing all forms of communication that goes out from IY.
• Checks and produces all newsletters, press releases, tweets, sms and anything other communication sent out to the externally.
• Manage our mailing lists and ensure our databases are up to date. Marketing: We need someone who is driven, ambitious and bursting with ideas.
Essential skill sets:
• Good organisational skills • Excellent written and verbal communication
• Are a strong team player • Can work under pressure to tight deadlines Job description
• Organising market research • Writing press releases
• Arranging promotional events • Assessing the results of a marketing campaign
• Assisting the manager in writing reports and analysing data
• Helping to drive online traffic with web-related campaigns
• Writing online content • Communicating with clients



• Coming up with PR strategies

• Building relationships with the media

• Writing press releases and calling around whenever you’re trying to generate publicity
• Writing reports on media coverage data
• Overseeing content production (adverts, videos, social media and online PR stunts)
• Arranging press conferences and events • Overseeing market research
• Bringing in new business opportunities • Managing client relationships
• Overseeing social media PR strategies Community and Partnerships
• This department will network; attend meetings, conferences and seminars to meet likeminded organisations that we can partner with to deliver our aims.
• To secure mutually beneficial partnerships with corporates, schools, colleges and universities.
• To be the face of IY and project a positive message of IY to get all forms of buy in and support.
• Securing support and sponsorship from local businesses via CSR, community or diversity.

Social Media:
Social Media
• Managing IY on all social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.
• This department will need to be proactive in raising our profile, responding to requests and promoting our activities online.
• Connecting and contacting potential speakers, sponsors and partners.

Head of Events and
• Development, production and delivery of projects from proposal right up to delivery.
• Delivering events on time, within budget, that meet (and hopefully exceed) expectations.
• Setting, communicating and maintaining timelines and priorities on every project
• Communicating, maintaining and developing client relationships
• Managing supplier relationships
• Managing operational and administrative functions to ensure specific projects are delivered efficiently
• Providing leadership, motivation, direction and support to your team
• Travelling to on site inspections and project managing events
• Being responsible for all project budgets from start to finish.
• Ensuring excellent customer service and quality delivery
• The management of all monthly, quarterly and/or annual events.
• Securing and liaising with speakers, the venue, the paperwork for the day, knowing were parking is and having a presence on the days of the events.
• Do health and safety assessments.
• Source partners and venues for our workshops and talks.
Key skills 1. Good communicator 2. Ability to lead and motivate a team 3. Good with budgets 4. Reliable/good at hitting deadlines 5. Ability to use initiative

Head of Strategy:
• The strategy behind the organisation; what IY is going to be, how we are positioned in the outside world.
• The intrinsic planning where IY will be in the next 1 – 5 years.
• To ensure IY is strategically position to be the best in its field and constantly at the forefront. Sponsorship or fundraising (Board Advisor):
• Getting the money in through grants, large corporate sponsors, funding bodies, donations, raising revenue from talks and the services IY provide.

Volunteer coordinator (Board Advisor):
• Liaising with community groups, voluntary councils and businesses who encourage their staff to volunteer.
• Listing volunteer opportunities in the press and similar blogs and websites.
• Registering and attending voluntary sector meetings.
• Manage and look after the volunteers at each event.
• Work alongside the events coordinator to provide inductions, references, mentoring and expenses among other managerial things.
• This department will also ensure all volunteers leave IY feeling empowered, inspired and achieving a positive learning outcome.

Finance (Board):


• Manage our budgets
• Keep up to date with funding strands and potentials sponsors
• Make payments
• Monitor funding and income
• Ensure accounts are up to date, audited and
• Manage petty cash Membership:
• To ensure members are satisfied and all services around membership are up to date
• If an error occurs it is rectified promptly
• To answer all questions around membership and get more people to become members
• To increase our mailing list Products and Merchandise:
• To create and sell IY products to promote our services and generate an income for the organisation.

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