Do you live in a Lewisham Homes property?


Do you want to promote your product, develop useful new skills, and make some extra cash-money while you’re at it? 

The London borough of Lewisham has markets throughout the borough that showcase the finest selection of arts and crafts as well as food and drink.

Sydenham market

We are offering Lewisham Homes residents an opportunity to secure a FREE stall.

Join local traders who sell a variety of products including: handmade jewellery, cards and gifts, crochet and knitwear, bags, photography, aloe vera products, fresh bread, chilli preserves and sauces, Arabic and Mediterranean food, French cakes as well as fresh juices, cordials and smoothies.  You can also meet those who sell flowers, plants and bulbs, bric a brac and Vietnamese food.

Lewisham Homes is full of talented designer/makers, craftspeople, and start ups with products that people want, and we want to support you. 


How do I get involved?

Applications for the a market pitch are submitted by just filling out the form on and we’ll get in touch to confirm if you have been shortlisted.

What’s involved?

Please register your interest in the market day by using the form here, and tell us about your product and why you want to participate in the market. We will be selecting people to participate in the market based on a pitch you will deliver to our team.

We run through the basics in a single training session where we equip selected traders with market selling basics, before you go out and meet potential customers. 

Why apply?

  • This is an opportunity to sell at a market you that you may not have been exposed to
  • A great way to get valuable feedback on your product
  • A unique opportunity to advertise your brand
  • Sell to new customers

By participating, you will be opening the doors to a chance of making money, and gaining confidence and feedback in a competitive and lively environment. Small risk, HUGE reward!


Apply before the 5th April 2015


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