The First Lady Meets… Nina Gaskell, Queen of African Fusion Cooking!


 December 13, 2011

Nina Gaskell – Author of African Fusion Cooking.

What is African Fusion cooking?

African Fusion Cooking is a blend of African ingredients, vegetables, fruits and so on combined into original recipes devised by me in a new way to appeal to western tastes. I also include herbs, and spices and other ingredients from India, south-east Asia and so on. Much of these have been picked on my wide travels.

Black eyed bean pie (nom nom nom)

How and why did you come up with this concept?

I am married to an Englishman so I adapt the ingredients from my roots to satisfy his taste. When I retired, I had accumulated so many recipes that I decided I ought to write them down and thus the book came into fruition.

Bread fruit chips

Tell us about your book?

In the end, I had to publish the book myself as it is virtually impossible for someone who is not a name on the tv to break into cookery publishing. The book consists of lots of general cookery hints, descriptions of the various fruits and vegetables and then detailed recipes for starters, mains, vegetables and desserts. As well as explaining what to look for in the fruits and vegetables, the recipes are also drawn up to be suitable for the busy cook and also those looking for economical recipes, especially in these straightened times. There are illustrations of some of the recipes in colour.

When you are not fusion cooking what do you do?

A lot of my time is taken up with experimenting with various ingredients. At the moment, of course, I am promoting the book through my website with my blog there plus Facebook, Linkedin, etc. I am hoping to set up a twitter account shortly.

How do you balance this with running being an entrepreneur?

The balance is not a problem, as the business is my hobby as well.

Fried Khadu (Indian Pumpkin)

How do you do you make yourself appealing in an economic climate when people are watching the pennies?

As noted above, the recipes are virtually all geared for the economies of the moment. Besides selling the book in paper form, it is now available as a Kindle e-book.


Where do you see your company in the next three years?

I hope in the next 3 years, that a major publisher will have taken up this book, and that I should be well on the way of completing a second book, because I am already accumulating more original and distinctive recipes.

Where can we find you?


I cannot wait to meet Nina, sample her food (yes she is bringing samples) buy her book and get African fusion cooking!  The food looks sumptuous, I think Nina needs a restaurant!  Well done Nina what a fabulous idea.

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