Oliver Morris – CEO of Fashionaires (Speaker) – Get ahead in fashion masterclass – Tuesday 25th February 2014 – Stephen Lawrence Centre

Oliver Morris, CEO of Fashionaires will be joining our ‘Get ahead in fashion’ masterclass on Tuesday 25th February 2014 at the Stephen Lawrence Centre.

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Oliver Morris, CEO of Fashionaires, has been at the forefront of the fashion industry for many years directing photoshoots shoot with such as Georgio Armani, D&G, Alexander McQueen, Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino and Rio Ferdinand. He has also been art director to the world’s first supermodel Janice Dickinson and collaborated with supermodel Sophie Anderson. Having interviewed hundreds of models and seeing countless portfolios, Oliver knows what the most elite agents, designers and clients expect. For the first time, you have the opportunity to learn from the priceless experience and knowledge of one of London’s greatest art directors and fashion photographer Oliver Morris.
Mr Fashionaire himself!
Being in and a part of the club/dance scenes since the early 80’s, Mr Fashionaire was first and foremost about fun, building good relationships and expressing himself on the dance floor or on the streets with killer moves. Freedom to express himself and not via routines, he showed the world whom he is as an individual, he expressed this for many years by touring Europe and living in America.  Frustration cultivated over time as people and authorities tried to pigeon-hole him into boxes and stereotypes on how he should be!  Strong-willed he concluded, “If I have to be in your world under your rules I will be dead by the age of 30”! He has broken almost every rule that has been fabricated for him; from how he should talk; think, act and who he should be aligned with. Being teachable and transparent, Mr Fashionaire has learnt different dialects and cultures from around the world such as the Far East, Caribbean to Europe.
Throughout the world people look at things with rainbow colours sometimes even through tinted shades,
Mr Fashionaire doesn’t look at the colours of life in the same way, he can somehow hear what a colour can sound like, Strange but true! Once he had acknowledged these talents, he then put it into practice and built some of the most amazing parties in London, West End. Parallel to the parties he bridge and built friend and business relations with Royal families from around the world, film stars, Politician’s and celebrities of all ilk’s. This is due to his open, humble, friendly, loving and teachable ways. However, being such an individual innovator, there is always a price to pay from others if you take time to care.
I present to you some examples he has experienced over time. And to be a Fashionaire so will you!
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