Patrick Philpott – Young entrepreneur (Speaker) – I am young and I am winning – Saturday 23rd March 2013

Patrick PhilpottPatrick Philpot will be joining our

‘I am young and I am winning’ Inspirational YOUth panel on Saturday 23rd March at Birkbeck, University of London.



Patrick started his first business, an events company, whilst studying for his GCSEs in 2005. He shared his experiences with many young people in schools and colleges, and focused on how a number of the key skills relevant to starting a business – how to communicate, present, interact with people, solve problems, think creatively and so on – could help students progress through school and succeed in many careers: professional, vocational and entrepreneurial.

In 2008, whilst completing his A-levels, Patrick started Visionpath with a mission to work with employers to create programmes that give young people inspiring learning experiences to develop skills vital to their employability. Working with leading employers in finance, professional services and media, Visionpath’s programmes have now engaged over 1100 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in London, Bristol and Manchester.

Patrick decided not to attend University after his A-levels, instead focusing on building Visionpath.  He takes an objective view of the value of Higher Education and encourages the consideration of other routes into employment, alongside University.


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