Camara is a talented actress, singer, musician, ardent charity worker and mentor that fund raisers for various charities including more recently hurricane relief to St Lucia after the hurricane.

Sending over a hundred sets of underwear, clothes and toiletries to a local community in Bekon St. Lucia, she realized the immensity and devastation the hurricane had caused the locals (especially the ladies), so decided to get her school involved and raised enough to buy over 400 more sets of underwear. Her head teacher Ms Betts also helped her to shop for the items (real team work).

Camara has performed at hundreds of charitable events including: Jamaican High Commission, St Lucian High Commission and the Grenadian High commission etc.  

Camara is honoured to also be an ambassador to five organisations, so she is kept very busy most of the time but it is something she loves to do.

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  1. What a truly inspiration girl Camara is!! A fantastic role model for other young women too – her compassion for others, commitment & dedication to her charity work, & her passion for helping people are wonderful qualities that should be admired & respected! Fantastic 🙂 xoxo

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