Kofi Fosu

Mr. Kofi Fosu joined Express Funds Limited in January 2007 and was appointed a Director of Business Development in May 2007.  The company is a subsidiary of Small World Group, a financial services organisation based in London with operations in several countries in Europe.

Kofi’s strength lies in rescuing under performing business entities. He played a leading role in a successful transition of a number of companies acquired by Small World Group.

Kofi has great expertise in new financial product development. A specific example is successfully designing financial intermediation products for migrants linking to their home countries eg savings account opening, investment in stocks and shares. He is an expert in Diaspora Immigrant Remittance flow into developing countries. He recently completed a research project into the Involvement of Foreign Banks in the Credit Market of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-Saharan African Countries. Kofi is a frequent speaker on investment opportunities in Africa.

Kofi has served as a member of Banking Reforms and Product Development Committee set up by the Bank of Ghana. He also served as an executive member of the Association of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (ANFI) in Ghana.

Kofi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Financial Services from the University of Ghana and the University of Greenwich Business Schools, respectively.

Twitter: Kofi Fosu @bizyness

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