Inspirational YOU speaker – Julian Bongo – Saturday 31st March 2012

Julian has substantial experience in investment banking, capital markets, emerging markets of Africa in particular, having previously held a variety of senior positions including: Director of Auckland Capital an investment and risk management consulting boutique, Director of the African Payment Gateway (APG) Commonwealth Business Council and market and Analyst at UBS, Barclays and ING.

In addition, he holds a Master’s In International Finance (MIF) from Universitiet van Amsterdam Business School and an Executive investment management certificate from the London Business School.

London Business School logo
London Business School logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Julian wrote his master thesis focusing on the rise of private equity funds and FDI allocation to the African markets, evaluating start-ups management, he also completed a masters consulting programme in South-Africa with University of Cape town School of Management & Old Mutual. He is currently an investment risk manager and research analyst focusing in emerging markets of Africa.

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