Kevin Bennett will be joining Inspirational YOU to lead on a workshop entitled ‘ Focus on YOUr inner peace at Birkbeck, University of London on Saturday 30th June 2012.

What are three words that describe you?

Enlightened. Giving. Freeman

Why did you start your business?

To help and serve as much people as possible. When I used to offer one to one consultations it was too time consuming and it burnt me out.  Plus I couldn’t reach enough people in a short timeframe, so I decided to build a system that could help millions of people universally.  This is called the Empower me system. In a very short space of time we have helped the following:

  • People dealing with terminal illness
  • People suffering from depression or are a bit under the weather
  • Individuals who are trying or in the process of opening and or improving their business
  • Individuals with life and relationship problems
  • Unemployed trying to get back into work
  • Growth and work skills
  • Happiness and spiritual growth
  • Financial education
  • Building confidence

What did you study?

I have studied over 25 subjects, my core areas of interest within the past 6 years are:

  • Universal Laws
  • Human Behaviour
  • Spirituality
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Common Law

What are your interests?

Spirituality and Building Systems to help People.

What are your three tips for those entering your business?


ii. Be teachable. *Have a teach-ability Index and willingness to accept change*

iii. Do it because you Love it – nothing else. *Not for any other Reason* the rest will come.

Who do you admire?

Though I have utmost respect for a number of great teachers, leaders and Powerful Positive people (some of whom can be found via\ empowerme).

I admire people I have meet within the communities I’ve travelled to. There is something about having a tactile and spiritual connection that makes you appreciate their hardship and their life journey that enlightens them and you.

How do you keep going when motivation and or inspiration is waning?

This is a subject of many of my talks and something that I have taken time out to learn from mostly spiritual teachers. If you go for a swim in the sea at particular time of the night or morning you will come against a natural resistance between the moon, the earth and the current of the waves that you just  can’t overcome.

So you have to let go and just be, try not to swim against the waves, Hand yourself over to the infinite and trust in your I am. However I have personally made a very useful and simple solution for this, it is called ‘The Feel Good Now Toolbox’ I built it to help and assist anyone who is having problems with motivation and or inspirational blockages amongst others.

What else would you like to share?

The launch of is coming soon. The website (www.kbenaire\empowerme) will provide help to elevate you to a place of enlightenment 24 hours a day.

Why do you support Inspirational YOU?

I LOVE Inspirational YOU for the following:

  1.  The selfless truth of helping people consistently with no outside or government help.
  2. Founder Sonia Meggie has gone into the heart of the committees to help, build and inspire hundreds maybe thousands by now.
  3. Amazing minds coming together in harmony to give to any who’s willing to receive
  4. Amazing portal for networking

Where can we find you?


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