Genelle Aldred (Speaker) – Presenter, HuffPost blogger, Writer and Business woman – Succeeding at the top – Tuesday 9th June 2015

Genelle Aldred is a journalist, TV presenter, author, public speaker, host and businesswoman


Genelle joins Inspirational YOU on Tuesday 9th June at theTNG youth space in Lewisham.

As a journalist and TV presenter Genelle has worked for the BBC, ITN, MailOnline and now ITV in various roles including; online journalist, documentary producer, weather presenter and newsreader. Genelle has a Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism from Staffordshire University. After seven years of working in the media with several highlights including reporting live on the national BBC News channel, working on a Hillsborough documentary for Channel 5 and interviewing high profile personalities, Genelle’s expertise within her field is of a high and impressive standard. Genelle’s substantial knowledge within media shines bright in her roles as a public speaker and host.


As the daughter of a preacher Genelle has always been comfortable speaking in front of large crowds. At 7-years-old she delivered a speech to several thousand for a church conference. More recently she was a speaker on business for Birmingham Library in association with Barclays Bank and hosted six debates for Selfridges, Birmingham around modern ideas of beauty.  She has also given many speeches for schools and youth groups within her role as a provider and deliverer of building self esteem, confidence and goal setting workshops for young women.


As a natural speaker Genelle has a great way with words and is able to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures, whilst still bringing her uniqueness to any event. Within her role as an entrepreneur, Genelle recently launched SadeRose an online boutique specialising in limited edition, exclusive and quirky items for women. Her passion for business was sparked when she studied fashion business as London College of Fashion before going into journalism.
Genelle also works as a consultant to businesses and creative enterprises providing strategic and media friendly solutions for their ventures.

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