Dillon Khan will be joining our ‘Leading men: breaking the glass ceiling’ at Birkbeck University on Saturday 30th June.

What is your current role?

I am currently juggling life between being an author and working in the media.

Can you tell me a little about your professional and personal background?

Having studied finance at university for 3 years, I left feeling utterly uninspired by it.  I looked for a change in direction and went into the world of media, taking in experiences in radio and TV.  The latter is where I got my first major break landing a job at MTV.  I spent 8 years in various roles starting in production on a show called “The Lick” (hosted by Trevor Nelson), then as a brand manager in marketing and finally as head of production at MTV Africa.

Why did you decide to write a book?

I had always wanted to be an author since i was a kid and had been sitting on several ideas for a while.  Finally in 2009 I took the decision to put pen to paper and began writing.  At the time youth unemployment and Internships were coming into sharp focus and felt some of the things I had experienced and heard about whilst at MTV could make for a good read and would resonate.

What are your interests?

I have many from reading and writing to music and sports but one that stands out is “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart“.  If I miss an episode I come over in a sweat.  Its a great mix of satire and political commentary.

What is your mantra?

Your attitude determines your latitude.

Who do you admire?

Jay-Z.  Entrepreneur/strategist/brand marketeer/rapper

How do you keep going when motivation and / or inspiration is waning?

I go to the library.  The shelves are full of words from inspirational icons from human history whether scientists, musicians, great thinkers or writers.  Guaranteed to get you energised.

Any new happenings you care to share?

The Intern was Amazon’s Pick of the month.  A must read for the summer holidays!

Where can we find you?   

Stockists: Amazon and Waterstone’s

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