Bend so you don't break – Mental health & wellbeing discussion – July

Bend so you don’t break

Saturday 29th July 2017

4.00pm – 6.00pm

The Village Centre, Willington Road, SE16

Bend so you don't break - July
Wellbeing and mental health is a concern for everyone, regardless of race, status, class, and power.  There are many positive steps being taking by businesses and local communities to break down the stigma and silence around mental health, but more needs to be done.
Bernard P. Achampong – Radio Producer & Digital Content Editor

Our host, Bernard P Achampong, is a corporate chameleon. He worked for six years as a problem solving engineer in Biotech and Aerospace companies. He joined the BBC in 2002 and was part of the team that launched BBC Radio 1Xtra. Since then, he has journeyed through contrasting cultures within the same organisation: from the street savvy youth brands of Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, to the more Oxbridge-friendly Today Programme on Radio 4 and BBC Proms. In 2016, he joined Coventry University’s Entrepreneurship faculty where the established culture of academia challenged everything he knew about organisations. Bernard also runs Ideas Genius Ltd.
Shaaban Waziri Juma – Complex needs specialist at St Mungo’s | Co-Chair of BAME Network

Shaaban is an experienced complex needs specialist from St Mungo’s homeless charity. He is passionate about empowering others and focuses on supporting clients to navigate the interplay of their thoughts and feelings. He helps them to explore the influence of human behaviour and their actions.
His day job involves training people in workshops and 1:2:1 interventions across London to take ownership of their emotional wellbeing and general health. He has lived experience of addiction and multiple complex needs. .
He provides a diverse range of strength based approaches underpinned by theoretical and empirical evidence in professional practice.
A huge part of breaking down the silence around mental health, making people feel comfortable sharing their experiences, and providing mental health care, is making sure mental health is seen as equally important to physical health.
We need action from big brands, the government, and people with influence to provide and advocate for mental health care.
But we also need a change in thinking on an individual level.
We need to start valuing our own mental health as equally important as our physical health.
That starts with the way we treat it.


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