We are seeking board members who will have a diverse range of skills, knowledge, qualities and experience to help us fulfil our goals.

Board members

Roles include:

Candidates will have a successful track record in business or have strong business skills, this could include but is not limited to specific experience in the education, media, culture or creative industries.

What is required:

  •  Attend 6 meetings a year.


 At least one of the following:

• Knowledge of, or experience in developing new and more diverse funding streams, including (but not limited to) fundraising programmes and increasing philanthropic giving.

Direct experience, or an understanding, of the capability of digital media and technology to help organisations create innovative new work and improve experiences for their audiences.

• Knowledge of, or experience in the CSR sector.

• Knowledge of, or background in, Education.


Board Advisor’s role

Understand our organisation, why it was formed and what it does
• Be committed to Inspirational YOU and its objects
• Be committed to equal opportunities
• Be willing to devote the necessary time and effort to Inspirational YOU to ensure its growth
• Be willing to use his/her skills and experience for the benefit of Inspirational YOU and for the    furtherance of its objects
• Not allow his/her personal views or prejudices to affect his/her conduct as a board member
• Be open minded when seeking solutions
• Have a strategic vision and be able to contribute to the continuance of the organisation and its future success
• Have good, independent judgement so as not to compromise the proper management of the organisation and/or adversely affect the reputation of Inspirational YOU
• Be able to think creatively
• Have an understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of board member
• Be able to work effectively as a member of a team
• Have a good understanding of the concept of confidentiality
• Be able to demonstrate an ability to act with integrity, objectivity, openness and honesty

If you are interested:  Email info(at) and request an application pack.

Deadline: 30th May 2013

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