Tony Pope is the PR and Communications Manager from the College of North West London and will be joining our PR and Marketing Master Class on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 at Birkbeck, University of London.


After finishing a degree in English at Kent University in 1992, Tony took a sabbatical position in communications for the students union and has been in education most of the time since. He has worked in advertising and PR for the University of Westminster, run the schools liaison programme for South Thames College and managed the marketing department at Merton College. He has also worked in the charity and consultancy sectors and as a marketing adviser in retail.

His current role includes managing the College’s online profile including its website and social media content and campaigns. He also covers “old school” roles including press relations and internal communications, and is working on establishing an association for former students.

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Tony has a passion for promoting educational opportunities and has had the opportunity to introduce many new techniques into marketing for colleges and universities.

“Email, the internet, mobile telephones and social media have all come along since I began my career, and all of them offer effective ways of communicating with young people. What is really exciting about the marketing industry now is that there are no established ‘rules’ for how to use all these media most effectively – people are coming up with new ideas all the time, some of them brilliant and some not. Established marketing professionals need to involve the skills and imagination of young people in the design of new technologies and in finding creative ways to engage and sell to today’s audiences.”

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