Leanda 'Rastarella' Falade @Rastarella (Speaker) – Get ahead in the media and entertainment industry – Wednesday 2nd July 2014 – Nottingham Contemporary

Join Leanda ‘Rastarella‘ Falade at the Nottingham Contemporary on Wednesday 2nd July 2014 for ‘Get ahead in the media and entertainment industry’.


Leanda is the founder of not-for-profit organisation Cultural Vibrations (Unity Through Music) which was created in October of 2009. Orignally from Trinidad, married with three children, she is a the full-time carer for my youngest daughter who is learning disabled.
Leanda creates and host events that break down social and racial barriers through the medium of live and local music. Her motto is ‘Unity is Easy, look within, not at the skin”.
The only female music promoter in Nottingham and the only one of colour who is able to secure certain well established venues and events, Leanda is a music mentor and helps many upcoming young musicians with marketing, promotions and assistance in being head hunted.
Currently Leanda is promoting various cultural events happening in Nottingham and is also in the middle of planning for Black History Month and booking artists for events throughout the summer season.
In her spare time she volunteers for two mental health awareness groups, OCDUK and Awaaz (Specifically aimed at BME) and assist with the Renewal Trust when they require help in marketing and community engagement.
Leanda is the face behind Holding Hands Unity day to be held in August.

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