Opportunity Now – Project 28 – 40 – Survey of women’s experiences in the workplace

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A ground breaking study of women’s experiences in the workplace. 
Opportunity Now need thousands of women to tell them their story. A survey of unprecedented scale and first of its kind. We want to hear from you!


An exciting new project to gather the stories of women’s experiences in the workplace, with a particular focus on women aged 28-40. (but including women of all ages).IWD - Sonia

We are aiming to hear from up to 100,000 women. This project will be the first of its kind. Project 28-40 is about listening to what women have to say and taking action to change the status quo.

Women at the top are under-represented. There is still a gender pay gap. Yet there is no shortage of talented, ambitious women in the UK & Ireland.

An online survey will launch on Friday 15th November. We want women to help us answer some big questions:

  • What is important to women, what are their ambitions and how do they make choices in life?
  • How effective is the current level of support and career development opportunities for women in work?
  • What impact does workplace culture have on your career – what is the atmosphere like in today’s workplace?
  • Can you really identify with role models in the workplace?
  • What influences some women to leave their employer or leave the workforce altogether? 

Opportunity Now will use your survey responses to more accurately diagnose why women are not being promoted at the same rate as men during this critical phase for career development.

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Focus groups will then explore themes that emerge, seeking the reactions of younger women, older women, men and business leaders. Your contribution will help us turn words into action.


The survey will open on Friday 15th November and close on Sunday 15th December Join the debate at


  • Women aged 28-40 whether or not they are still working
  • Women under 28 who are currently working
  • Women over 40 who would like to describe their experiences during this phase of their career
  • Men – we are seeking the responses of 1,000 men, to provide a direct comparison between male and female experiences of career development


We want women (and men) across the UK and ROI to share their stories and help us make this the biggest survey of its kind.

As a participant

  • Fill in the survey! It takes as little as 15 minutes, though you may also wish to tell us about your experiences in more detail (and we do want to hear your stories)
  • Email the survey link to your colleagues, clients, customers, suppliers, networks, friends, family
  • Post the link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social networks
  • Talk about the survey and the questions it raises with your colleagues, clients, customers.

As an employer

  • Email the survey link to your workforce
  • Post it on your intranet
  • Speak about it at internal and external events
  • Ask your senior leaders and managers to talk about it openly with their teams
  • Post the link on your company Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc feeds

The survey is now open and will close on Sunday 15th December Join the debate at

– See more at:

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