Portia Freno (Presenter) – SW4 Pop Up Shop Celebration – Friday 20th December 2013

Portia Freno – SW4 Pop Up Shop – Friday 20th December 2013


Travel journalist Portia Freno was in the hit British BAFFTA award-winning comedy ‘Anuvahood’, is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and was the first European model to have a spread in international publication SHOW magazine.

Portia is booked as a model for fashion and beauty campaigns as well as presenting and acting for TV and online.  Even Kanye West was impressed by Portia and dedicated a blog to her; as her public profile has grown so has her fan base and she is often asked by women for her beauty/fashion/fitness tips and recommendations. She is seen as one of ‘London’s It Girls’ and after a trip to New York she got major press coverage and interest which led to her extending her stay to several months. But it’s not all glamour and beauty for young entrepreneur Portia Freno.


With a strong business mind she is responsible for the running and aid of several businesses and often gets involved in various workshops and inspirational youth projects.

Portia is even more enthusiastic behind the camera than she is in front, and is currently working on scripts for both TV and film with her partner Aml Ameen.


What matters most to Portia is the future generation, as she believes it is them who are the revolution; it is the children who have the militancy and power to do wonderful things on this earth which is why it is so important to her that they are steered in the right direction, and that they have self confidence and self belief. She is currently living in between LA and London.

“It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life exciting” 



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