Nathan Ghann will join our ‘Tips to get a 1st class degree’ seminar at Birkbeck, University of London on Saturday 31st March 2012.

Born and raised in a council estate in Tottenham, North London, Nathaniel Ghann left school achieving only 2 A-C GCSEs. Branded as disruptive and troublesome by his teachers and prone to the gang culture in his area, his parents insisted he retook his GCSEs at an attempt to salvage some form of educational qualifications. Despite, retaking his GCSEs at college he failed yet again by gaining a U grade in A level Economics.

At what seemed to be one of the lowest points in his life, Nathaniel finally decided to change things. He worked hard to complete his exams at College and was fortunate to pass and be offered a place at University.  Whilst at University Nathaniel’s tenacious drive saw him found his Universities first ever entrepreneurial society. Within its first year of operation it gained over 1,000 members. Nathaniel saw his society achieve greater success by winning the highest award of £2,000 from a competition.

Whilst undertaking his final exams one of Nathaniel’s close friends was shot and killed in Tottenham. With such horrifying circumstances as well his poor academic history it was inevitable that Nathaniel would once again fail in education.

However amazingly, Nathan was able to achieve a ‘Double First class’ degree in Economics and Marketing. Receiving some of the highest marks awarded in many of his classes. For his contribution to enterprise, Nathaniel was nominated as ‘Young Business Person of the Year’ by Hertfordshire Business Awards 2009

Nathan has been recognised as on of the top 3.5% black students in the UK by the publishers of the Power list. This was further exemplified by being invited to the House of Lords by Lord Adebowale to celebrate the launch of the Future Leaders Magazine published also by Powerful Media, where Nathaniel was selected out of over 100 black students as one of the Top Ten ‘Most outstanding students’ in the UK.

He subsequently founded the First Class Graduate Network an organisation that helps universities students achieve first class grades.

FCGN now has over 100 First Class graduates in their network and continue to help and mentor aspiring students with academic development. After graduating Nathan went on to work in venture capital undertaking corporate investment advisory.

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