Inspirational YOU speaker – Michael Johnson (former footballer and Pro-license coach) – Thursday 5th July

Michael Johnson is an ambitious footballer and coach, which has been demonstrated throughout his playing and coaching career.  He is fully aware of the modern demands of a football manager or coach, which is why he is well-versed in dealing with all stakeholders of a football club, including directors, players, staff, supporters and the media.

Michael’s philosophy is to encourage good attacking football, whilst retaining possession of the ball.

He is a strong believer in keeping the ball on the ground and work to create a team of players who show plenty of passion and determination. He is very big on fitness and discipline, as well as one-to-one skills with manager/coach to player, which is something he is skilled in, as he believes that this is the best way to engage players.


Level 1 & 2 coaching certificate (1990/1995)

UEFA ‘B’ Licence (Feb 2009)

• UEFA ‘A’ Licence (May 2010)

• Recently applied to Warwick University for the

‘Certificate of Applied Management for Football’ course

UEFA Pro Licence (June 2012)

• All qualifications accredited with the English FA

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