Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012 (21st May – 1st June 2012)
Extra support needed.
Tuesday 29-Thursday 31 May
2 x Events Planner/Assistants for three x half days next week for early morning and one for late afternoon/evenings (see role descriptions)
There are two freelance jobs for three x half days from 7.30am to 12.00 and from 4.00 to 8.30. This may suit individuals who live within the Shoreditch, Hackney area. One person could take on both roles, but they would have to cover these hours and join the existing team:
 Main tasks include:
·      Welcome Desk
·      Registration
·      Cloakroom
·      Setting Up presentation tables
·      Refreshments
·      Co-ordination with catering leader
·      Preparing packs, delegate bags
·      Tidying up post the day’s events and set-up for following day
Monday 28th May
A waitress/server for all day  from 7.30 to 8pm
Monday 28 May – 1 June
8 volunteers from 10am to 4pm 4 per Shift (Shift One 10am to 1pm) (Shift Two: 12.30 to 4pm)
Events help with the coffee breaks, lunch time refreshments and the cloakroom. Probably going to be more “appealing” if broken into two shifts, but people could do the entire slot.
Volunteers will be able to stay and in join the sessions if they wished.
For any of these roles, please send a CV to who will respond by Sunday 27 May.

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