Inspirational YOU speaker – Tyrone Edward – Saturday 31st March 2012

Tyrone Edward is a Director in the Forensic Technology & Discovery Services group, which is positioned within the Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services practice at Ernst & Young.

 He has over 17 years experience in the information security market and has a detailed understanding of the potential issues faced by organisations and law firms in managing, securing and disclosing electronic evidence within constrained timelines.

Clients come to Tyrone when they need help finding electronic evidence in contentious circumstances – for example, if their business has suffered losses from a fraud, is involved in a complex court dispute or has had its intellectual property stolen by a competitor.

This can be a complicated business, as the evidence required in such situations is typically held in dissimilar and vast electronic data storage systems, and finding the responsive needle in the haystack can be a hugely expensive task and difficult search exercise.

Tyrone advises clients on the strategies to navigate the mountains of evidence and focus quickly and cost effectively on the most relevant parts. He has played a key role in a number of international disputes and continues to be one of the key entities in the development of Ernst & Young’s FTDS business, which is one of the leading such practices in the UK.

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