Bayo Alaba will be speaking at Inspirational YOU’s summer conference – ‘The art of winning’.  He is part of the leading men’s panel entitled: Breaking the glass ceiling.  He is a restaurateur, community leader and founder of StreetFest, which is sponsored by Adidas.


Bayo enjoys a challenge and revels in the thrill of setting goals and embarking on the journey that eventually sees them surpassed.

At seventeen he was soldier serving in the Parachute Regiment and travelled the world. This life changing experience inspired Bayo’s beliefs in social engagement. Following University, he spent some time in the Cabinet office then various brand marketing management roles in the Retail and IT sectors. With these combined experiences, he arrived at the conclusion that he wanted to practice what he preached and set out in developing his own business.


In 2001 Bayo opened his first business ‘The Squared Circle’ gastro pub in Clerkenwell, which rapidly became one of the area’s coolest establishment’s. 2004 Saw the opening of his next project; the legendary Juno lounge bar and restaurant in Shoreditch. Here, he worked on music, art and film projects with dynamic promoters and artists which quickly established Juno as one of the iconic leisure venues in the area.

During 2007 Bayo joined up with the ground breaking Rivington Place arts centre in Shoreditch with the opening of its on-site café – Lati Ri. Rivington Place was the first publicly funded arts centre in UK of its kind in 40 years and which has led to many plaudits both far and wide.

StreetFest, the UK’s first and only dedicated live arts festival was created by Bayo in 2008. It was as a consequence of years witnessing the most dynamic and creative collectives coming through the Juno doors. Today, StreetFest is one of the most pioneering and interactive festivals around. It provides cultural innovators the platform they deserve by way of showcasing their talents.  This has featured UK artists such as Wretch 32.

His love of arts, communities and regeneration came together once again in 2011 when Bayo successfully worked with the London Borough of Hackney in re-launching Hoxton Street Market. It was one of the Europe’s oldest street markets dating back to 1687. The regeneration of the market took Hoxton Street back to its fashion, arts and creative past.


Bayo is also a Board Director of The inaugural Shoreditch Fringe festival. Starting in July and running until the end of August. The Shoreditch Fringe is looking to showcase the ‘DNA’ of one of Europe’s leading creative hubs.

He sees himself as a social mobility champion and advocate of organic regeneration.  A keen community ambassador with the London 2012 games and various other community focused enterprises, Bayo’s work and social commitments embodies his beliefs in social cohesion and representative democracy.

Tired of moaning at the television during Question Time, Bayo embarked on his latest journey. In 2010 he was successfully placed onto the pioneering Operation Black Vote (OBV) MP Shadowing Scheme. The scheme trains prospective politicians for a life in public service as future Members of Parliament.

“Untapped talent” is Bayo’s biggest concern with modern society and sees his future professional life redressing this imbalance.

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