For many underprivileged young people the thought of attending university, remains just that- a thought. Just as early as August 2015 social media was the natural celebration outlet for those who were successful in achieving their desired results and also a supportive forum for those that didn’t.
For businessman and entrepreneur Tevin Tobun, young people have always been at the forefront of his mind, being the chair of youth organisation Inspirational You, Tevin has been able to play an active part in ensuring underprivileged or disadvantaged young people are given a platform to reach their desired goals.
Along with his organisation GV Group (Gate Ventures), Tobun has decided to put his money where his mouth is, literally. In association with media partners Inspirational You, Tobun will be offering 3 individuals a scholarship towards university fees. Giving less reason for opportunities to be hindered by financial constraints young people may face by the ever increasing tuition fees. When asked why he was funding this scholarship Tobun said “I feel that every individual must play their part in helping the next generation, this is just one of the ways I am able to do this”.
Applications for this scholarship are now open for all students that will be applying for university in 2016.
You must be a British citizen, aged 18 – 24 attending a state, secondary school or sixth form college. You must intend to go to university in the United Kingdom.
The online application form can be found here
All applications are to be made by December 25th at 5pm (GMT).