GUBA Foundation Launches Fourth Autism Seminar


On Saturday 17th May 2014, the GUBA Foundation will be hosting its fourth autism awareness seminar at the Resource for London Centre, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA. Watch the new advert:
The seminar which is free to attend, promises a platform for Service Providers such as Child behaviour and development specialists, to impart knowledge and offer support to autistic families. Attendees also get the opportunity to communicate, share experiences and learn practical solutions to everyday problems in regards to autism.


Previous seminars have contributed positively towards raising awareness about the prevalence of autism within the African community; in turn, helped to alleviate several misconceptions about autism. It has also brought autistic families together, offered financial and emotional support for struggling families.
Autism affects one in every 100 people in the UK. Over 100,000 people living with this condition come from Black or Ethnic Minority (BME) communities. Despite this substantial figure, people from the BME community are typically diagnosed later than their Caucasian counterparts. One of the core aims of this upcoming seminar is to educate the BME community to help eradicate the stigma and misconceptions about autism; as it often hinders efforts to manage autistic people effectively within the community.
Speaking at the previous autism seminar which took place on 12th October 2013, Dentaa- Founder and CEO of GUBA and the GUBA Foundation reiterated the foundation’s beliefs:
“Every autistic child is unique with a wealth of talent that needs to be identified and supported. With good coordinated support between education, family and supporting agencies, fostered by events such as this one, autistic children can thrive and achieve excellence. There is still a lot to do to raise the awareness of autism in the African community”
The GUBA foundation serves as an instrument to educate and connect families and also aims to dispel harmful ideologies about autism. The GUBA Foundation is governed by its objectives to support, connect, engage and highlight the issues faced by those living with autism.
The upcoming seminar will be a fantastic opportunity to learn and gain practical support to deal with autism. So, if you or someone you know lives with autism, please don’t miss this opportunity to attend what will be a fulfilling and extraordinary event.
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To support GUBA Foundation’s work, you can donate a maximum of £10 by simply texting the word GUBA00 followed by the amount to 70070 e.g. GUBA00 £10
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