Don Onwunumah CEO of @PigStyCoders 

The power of technology

Tuesday 31st March




Don is a hacker in every sense of the word. His work focuses on solving problems with technology. With over 20 years in Industry, he has a vast experience and knowledge to draw on. Through PigStyCoders, he has consulted for and advised many multi-nationals (TomTom, AO, Governments, Hedge Funds, etc) across various verticals such security, artificial intelligence, infrastructure and governance.

His work on mobile technology started before the smartphone became prevalent and continue to drive him, coupled with a love of open-source, he has had indirect influence on the global direction of the technology.


In the midst of all that, he is most at home working with the under-privilege and in how technology can lift some people out of poverty.


He is currently running an African outreach program taking the raspberry pi to African cities, providing day long introductory courses on programming and electronics.




  • Linux/Unix Architecture and Domain Expert
  • Web-Services that Scale
  • Embedded + Mobile Architecture (Android + iOS + Blackberry)
  • Web
  • High Performance Computing
  • Real-Time Computing

He is also running a private research team on Bitcoin-based technology and how it can be applied to low technology communities.


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