Casting call for a film with shooting due to take place before the end of the month and all roles are paid.

Pass the Comb

Date: Wednesday 29 Aug, 7pm – 9pm

Location: Theatre Royal Stratford East

Pass the Comb is a 15 minute short film which tells the story of Jerome, a youngster in conflict and Chantelle, his older sister who uses her calming influence, reasoning skills and the cultural tradition of braiding hair on her younger brother.  Each completed corn-row demonstrates the benefit of Chantelle’s ‘hair therapy’, words of wisdom and advice.

But how did Chantelle get so wise?  And is she really the picture of innocence she portrays?


Producers: Charley Jai, Dandy Theatre Associates & Zone 180

Jerome: 16, Black, Afro (braidable), London street talk

Chantelle: 27, Black, keeps herself neat and tidy, not a pushover or gullible, can flip from Queens English to London street talk, very good at Corn rowing hair

Elizabeth: 16, Black but not fair skinned and has an air of naivety about her.

Marlon: 16, Black or mixed heritage

Friend 1: 16, any colour

Friend 2: 16, any colour

Hoodie: 25, White, physically intimidating, strong voice that doesn’t show weakness

All roles are paid non Equity.
Casting: Email CV’s, photos, spotlight links or show reels to before 5pm on Friday, 24th August.

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