Caribbean Export London invite you to a Private View showcasing the work of award winning architects at The International Architecture and Design Showcase 2012

 A festival focused on innovation, creativity, solutions to environmental and sustainability challenges in partnership with the British Council

Private View: 28th June 6-8pm    (Ambika 3 University of Westminster )   

Westminster University’s Ambika P3 gallery will be transformed into a series of unique zones exploring the architecture of five countries where change has been etched upon their architectures. In the heart of Westminster’s Marylebone campus, with the Caribbean showcasing a rich history of sustainable building and new innovative spin on designs which originate from South America and West Africa that will withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods.  The Caribbean, Taiwan, Namibia, Serbia, and South Africa will come together to present architecture, cities, structures and ideas that have all undergone radical shifts. A tensile structure of seed-lined cotton threads will span the main hall, designed by Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University.  The Caribbean will present a 3D virtual platform, by Amonle architects (pictured below).

The Caribbean theme of Doors: Entryways to Sustainable Living

Presented through a virtual platform, which focuses on green and low cost housing solutions for the region, we look at how building using local sustainable material can be used to create a disaster proof home. This will be shown on a 3D animated interiors of various rooms of homes and a landscape design will demonstrate unique solutions to everyday building and planning problems. It will feature design concepts, which make use of the uniqueness of the region’s material and weather. With a look at the changing use of responsive natural materials in the Caribbean.

COCOA will showcase ‘Villa B’. The key environmental considerations are the use of solar and wind energy, passive cooling through the introduction of large ponds and swimming pools, green roofs, water harvesting by way of cisterns, new environmentally materials, fixtures and finishes (including locally farmed timber).  Talma Mill Studios  are regionally revolutionising the region with the ideas of “green infrastructure” being one of the new languages in landscape design. The garden is a tapestry of layered landscape systems. The primary element is the water system which is a series of channels that terminate at an entrance water feature and overflows into a ‘grasscrete’ storage area that is also the parking zone. This water filtration and storage system is fed from grey water and a series of green roofs and walls. The hydrological system is then layered with a series of gathering decks, bridges, walkways, green walls, pipe trellis, wind turbinesite storage, various boundary treatments and tropical landscaping to create a holistic, interesting and useful small landscape space.

The evolution of the city will be explored by Serbian architects in the ‘dialogue room’, alongside a filmic portrait of Johannesburg; an investigation into an ecological design revolution from the Chinese Culture University in Taipai; a critical understanding of the post-colonial Namibian city. The Hub Space will also be home to a series of talks, debates and lectures jointly organised between the University of Westminster and the British Council, on the theme of Design Diplomacy, to investigate how architecture and design can be a tool for diplomatic engagement.

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