BBC Radio 4 Woman’s hour Power List – Deadline for submission – 30th November 2012


Woman’s Hour Power List


BBC Radio 4 are compiling a list of the 100 most powerful women in the UK. Who are the movers and shakers who shape the way we live today? Which women have the greatest impact on British politics, society, culture and the economy?

Tell them who you’d like to see on the Woman’s Hour Power List and they will pass your suggestions on to our panel of judges. Find out more about the List and our panel here.

Alternatively you can submit your suggestion via Twitter, using #whpowerlist.

There are specific rules for contributing to the Power List. Please read the full Terms & Conditions before you submit your suggestion.

Please state clearly if you wish to remain anonymous as your message may be read out on air or published electronically.

Let’s make it MORE diverse.


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