Deadline for all proposals is Friday, 13 April 2012.
+++ Calling all world music artists and DJs...
__Artists// Showcase your talent at the top international gathering 
of world music professionals. The selected acts will play in front of 
the largest audience anywhere of international world music concert 
and festival bookers (around 700 last year), agents, labels, 
distributors, innumerable journalists... in short, everyone you could 
possibly need to help kickstart, nurture and nourish your career. 
This is what Consuelo Arbelaez, European Booking of Systema Solar 
(Colombia), said about their Showcase at WOMEX 11 Copenhagen:
"I was in the middle of the crowd and it was unbelievable to see the 
professionals so enthusiastic, jumping up until the end! Festival 
producers were asking for our business cards, during and after the 
showcase, and telling us: 'I loved Systema Solar and want them in our 
festival.' Now we are working on our busy schedule for 2012. WOMEX 
was a great opportunity to give really good international exposure to 
the artist."
The Showcase (and Conference) selection is taken on by the WOMEX Jury 
- the famous 7 Samurai - each year consisting of a brand new panel of 
international music biz experts. In 2011 WOMEX received over 750 
artist proposals for about 35 slots.
+++ Calling all potential conference speakers & mentors... 
__Speakers// Share your experience and shed light on the latest 
trends and greatest innovations in the music industry. In particular, 
WOMEX is welcoming proposals around the ongoing jazz & world focus at 
WOMEX, as well as those exploring the local Southeastern European 
music industry of the new host region.
__Mentors// Dispense your valuable advice and give feedback to your 
fellow delegates. Mentoring Sessions are a regular feature of the 
WOMEX Conference, offering delegates private 15-minute consultations 
free of charge with special mentors from various areas of expertise. 
The 2011 programme saw more than 40 speakers from 21 countries in 20 
Conference Sessions; plus the second International Publisher 
Matchmaking; a Mentoring Programme and Speed-Dating. The Conference 
programme is compiled in consultation with the WOMEX Jury.
"WOMEX is the best way I know to meet, year after year, people from 
all over the world, with whom I share the love of music and the 
desire to exchange, with passion, our experiences and our projects." 
commented WOMEX 11 Delegate Ourida Yaker (France), Director, 
Tour'n'Sol Production.
+++ Calling all music filmmakers... 
__Filmmakers// Come show your work at the IMZ Film Screenings at 
WOMEX - your No. 1 platform for world music in audio-visual media.
WOMEX's long-time partner for the Film Screenings IMZ, the 
International Music + Media Centre in Vienna, will jury the film 
proposals independently. Last year they received around 30 
submissions for 13 screening slots. 
Here's a complete list of all the films submitted and the ones 
presented at WOMEX 11:
The films from the screening selection can also become part of the 
World Music Films On Tour programme, a non-profit distribution 
project aimed at bringing musical diversity in film and video to a 
wider public.
All forms and information about how to submit Film, Conference and 
Showcase proposals for WOMEX 12 are available online at:
Deadline for all proposals is Friday, 13 April 2012.
The 17th edition of WOMEX in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2011 
saw over 2,250 delegates from nearly 100 countries, 700 exhibitors, a 
full conference programme and a showcase festival presenting 60 acts 
on 6 stages. The next edition of WOMEX will be taking place in
Thessaloniki, Greece, from Wednesday, 17, to Sunday, 21 October 2012.
Kind regards from your WOMEX team
+++ WOMEX 12 Thessaloniki, Greece | 17 - 21 October 2012
+++ Classical:Next, Munich, Germany | 30 May - 2 June 2012

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