We are now six weeks into 2012 and we hope that you are achieving you are achieving your goals.

We wanted to share an article posted at the beginning of this year.

Whether you had changes in employment, business or finances; experienced births or bereavement; went through challenging times in family or friendships; or you were affected by last year’s riots or health issues, now, your focus has to be on how you move yourself forward during 2012.

Do not attribute your situation to someone or certain events. Focus on achieving your goals and attribute it to yourself. Take action!

As you look back on the past 12 months, you will reflect on the good times, the down times and the circumstances that you would change if it was possible. The New Year presents an opportunity for a fresh start, a new script and your chance to move on and up.

I spent the holiday’s catching up with my family and reflecting on what I will achieve in 2012, and I am excited! Last year was very engaging year for me. I am humbled by those who supported my vision, who gave me frank and honest advice and, more importantly, understood what I wanted to achieve.

My aspiration still is to raise the profile of my company Inspirational YOU, and to connect with others who shared my passion to ‘pay it forward’.

Inspiring: Sonia Meggie (centre) with Inspirational YOU attendees

I want to alleviate the frustrations and uncertainty felt by so many and to start the process of shifting mindsets.

There are so many of us in unique positions that affect the lives of many. So, I appeal to you who hold the power to change and inspire, to give through acts of kindness.

I often ask those who I meet if they know how influential they are? Do they know how inspiring they are and how much of an impact they have on others? So I will put the same question to you.

Do you want to stay as you are, or do you want to live the life that you aspire for? None of us should simply exist, as an opportunity to excel is there for us all.

We now need to focus on what it is that we really want and go for it. If you ask any successful individual, entrepreneur or senior professional, what is their secret to success, most will say the same thing.

They worked hard, focused and wanted their end goal so desperately that they made it a reality. You do not have to be cut throat or ruthless to win, but you do have to take a calculated risk.

For many, myself included, it is also essential to engage the spirit of faith. After all, in The Bible, it is written, faith without deeds is dead (James 2:17).

As you pick up your pen and paper to begin to write your plans and goals for 2012, say to yourself, “I can do anything that I set my mind to and nothing will stand in my way.”

It is important you pro actively seek out and surround yourself with those who share your vision.

I hope to see a movement of change in so many of you in 2012. Whatever you choose to do, keep referring back to your goals and do what you can in bite-sized chunks. Have a positive and prosperous 2012.

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