Nathaniel Oke – Let’s talk about relationships – 23rd May 2018

On Wednesday 23rd May for ‘lets talk about relationships’ we are joined by #NathanielOke who is a trained #psychotherapist and has been a registered member of the British Association of Counselling Psychotherapy (BACP), for over 10 years.

Nathaniel qualified with a Diploma in Counselling Skills and earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in London.

Nathaniel has a passion for young people and it was this passion which encouraged him to develop the Thoughtfeeder project in 2005, funded by Lambeth Council. Through this project Nathaniel used his passion for writing and performing poetry to work with local youths from difficult backgrounds using poetry as a pathway to expression and creativity and a conduit of healing wounds otherwise buried. The cathartic nature of the project proved popular as the young people reported finding their voices. The Thoughtfeeder project ran successfully for two years.

Since 2009 Nathaniel has worked with the Everyman Project, an organisation which specialises in one-to-one counselling and group therapy, in helping men change their violent and abusive behaviours.

Nathaniel has a strong belief that by helping the men better understand their violent and abusive behaviour, they can curb it and thus their victims will live better lives that did not involve violence and abuse. “By helping one, I help all” is his motivational mantra.

Nathaniel also works as a private therapist, dealing with pertinent #mental and #emotionalissues.

In 2017, Nathaniel founded Talking Therapy Clinic Ltd, a company that deals with providing one to one counselling and psychotherapy to all ages and groups. Talking Therapy Clinic also provides general and bespoke workshops and training for professionals in a myriad of fields using counselling skills and principles to improve professionals’ ability in building relationships with their service users.

Not one to shy away from public speaking, Nathaniel enjoys participating in speaking engagements, with his most notably talks being at the House of Lords (March 2017) and Houses of Parliament (November 2017).

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