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  1. Amy Simpson

    Hi, I’m Amy Simpson and currently 14 years of age. At the end of this year my school are doing work experience therefore I would appreciate if you could reply with an email/phone number I could contact on this matter.
    Thank you very much

  2. ian

    Hi, I am enquiring about work experience for my 14 year old niece that she must arrange in the spring. Can you help? Thanks, Ian.

  3. Alicia Cowley

    Hi I was wondering how do I apply for work experience at ITV because I want to work in the television industry but I have no previous job experience, and am looking to do some work experience to gain some knowledge of the tv industry.
    I graduated from Southampton Solent university in 2006, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to gain any experience due to illness and looking after my dad. With dementia. I am now well and am looking to gain some experience that could eventually lead to work.
    I also have cerebral palsy and have to use a wheelchair but am very independent

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