The Black Narrative

October 30, 2018 @ 12:00 am
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The Black Narrative: A night dedicated to looking at what the black narrative is for second generation “Britons” & others of African Caribbean descent with particular focus on what it means to be “Black British African & Black British Caribbean”. The event will also explore the types of narratives that have/should be passed on amongst the African and Caribbean community.
With guest speakers Syreeta Allen, Patrick Vernon OBE, Mike Omoniyi, Sharon Akaka and Michael Ohajuru. This is not an event to be missed!!

– Syreeta Allen – Head of Student Outcomes and Success at King’s College London.
– Patrick Vernon OBE – the founder of Every Generation Media and 100 Great Black Britons, which develops education programmes, publications and films on cultural heritage and family history.
– Michael Ohajuru – Senior Fellow of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Honours Degrees in Physics
– Sharon Akaka – King’s College London Student, President of the King’s Gospel Society and a member of Just for Kids Law’s Let Us Learn campaign
– Michael Omoniyi – the Founder and CEO of TCS Network and Director of OGGM (a christian charity).

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1. How would you define your identities?
2. What does the term “Black British African” and “Black British Caribbean” mean to you?
3. Do these ethnic grouping unify or divide us as a community? If we are supposed to be British, why is it important to then further classify the “type” of British?
4. What narratives should we be sharing within the African & Caribbean communities?


October 30, 2018
12:00 am
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