Yemisi Bokinni – Medical Student – #IYTalksGlobal – Let’s talk Africa – You Tube – Thursday 10th October 2013

Yemisi Bokinni – Medical Student – Thursday 10th October

Yemisi will be joining us our masterclass discussing enterprise and career opportunities in Africa and Asia at You Tube in London.



Yemisi, 24, is a final year medical student at King’s College London with an interest in academic research. Her research experience largely stems from the molecular sciences during her Bachelor’s degree in Human Genetics; where she was fortunate enough to take part in preliminary experiments in gene therapy for β-thalassaemia. On the background of this work, Yemisi has been awarded first place for presentations in both Ireland and Romania. Her first independent publication was a review article on a rare genetic condition known as Kabuki syndrome, published in the ‘Journal of Human Genetics’.


More recently, Yemisi has delved into the research area of eye care in both the UK, and Ghana. Her experiences have taken her to a number of cities in Europe, North America, West Africa, South Africa and most recently, China.  At the base of all her endeavours lies a genuine interest in medical and scientific development, and she attributes her successes to great supervisors who were willing to cultivate her curiosity.

In summer 2013, Yemisi spent two months in Ghana and Nigeria gaining clinical experience in eye care and blindness prevention strategies. One of her main goals for this trip was to get a team in place, and generate institutional support for an academic related initiative she is setting up, know as the Young African Academics Forum. ‘YAA forum’ has been in the pipeline for over a year, and is designed to provide a platform for young academics on the continent to showcase their work, generate ideas, and promote a tangible discussion on the great possibilities of scientific advancement in Africa; where such platforms do not presently exist. The first YAA Forum is scheduled to take place in Lagos, 2014.

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