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Mentors help you gain self-awareness, confidence, respect your colleagues and a better team player. Benefits of having a mentor You want change professionally Mentors – know how to adapt, and they’ll show you how to do the same. By learning new skills and making the right changes, you will be an asset to any employer....
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Donna Herdsman Technology Executive Wednesday 17th August 2016 Viacom International Media Network Donna is a well-respected Management Consultant and Tech Executive.  She has worked with both Public and Private Sector organisations globally. Her specialty lies in helping clients realise the business benefits of transforming the technologies available to their organisation.   Donna has worked for...
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Lorna Stewart will be joining our ‘Let’s Talk Business’ masterclass at the Stephen Lawrence Trust on Tuesday 15th October 2013. Lorna Stewart is a multi-award winning Business and Professional Development Consultant, Mentor and Business Sponsor. She has 6 separate award-winning projects to her credit, and is the founder of 3 successful enterprises which support the...
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