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Event Management
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Corporate Events

Your vision – brought to life

For 10 years, Inspirational YOU Event Management has been delivering world-class events for national and international clients across the business spectrum. In 2014, we delivered nearly 60 meetings and events in around the UK – looking after thousands of delegates in the process.

We are passionate people who strive for excellence in everything we do. We work hard to understand our clients’ needs, ensuring that every event meets their objectives and exceeds their expectations.

We know that the smallest details can make the world of difference to the delegate experience. That’s why we are always searching for that little bit extra – that special something that will turn good into exceptional.

We’ll do as little or as much as you need and what’s more we do what we do extremely well, making sure that your clients leave impressed and fulfilled.

Inspirational YOU is a highly trained and experienced team of conference organisers, we can plan your event. Whatever the location, we ensure it is an absolute success.

Organising Every Detail of Your Event

Whether you are attending a conference facilitated by another, or you are looking to create an event of your own, Inspirational YOU can support you. Our event advisors can help in a huge number of ways, from administration to website management.

We can offer creative solutions and provide staging and lighting. We can provide exhibition services, party materials or marketing support.

Event Organisers Who Go beyond the call of duty

We can invite celebrity guests, source speakers and provide PR for any occasion.

We can arrange travel and accommodation.

Inspirational YOU can create events for local and international guests.

We offer delegate management services and will guarantee you peace of mind.

We can manage ticket bookings and collect post-event feedback.

Post-Conference Management

Our support doesn’t stop at the end of the event – we also provide post-event support. We can help with analysis of surveys and following up on leads.

We can offer post-event PR.

Our conference organisers can help you with any number of queries and concerns.

We are seeking mentoring for our new Saturday School in South West London and a girls project in Ghana.  Can you assist in any of the following?

  • Peer to peer mentoring (young person to young person)
  • Mentoring children
  • Mentoring training
  • Online mentoring
  • Informal mentoring on an ad hoc basis in schools and our community projects

Peer Mentoring:

  • Peer mentoring assigns mentees to someone with experience who is in their age group.
  • Peer mentoring usually occurs in educational settings, either consisting of one-on-one relationships or group mentoring.
  • Group mentoring consists of a mixture of experienced and new people working together to support one another.
  • Groups meet face to face and via electronic conferencing at a designated time to discuss issues.

Community-Based Mentoring Programmes:

  • Community-based programs provide mentors to children, young people and those who would benefit from professional advice.
  • Mentoring for programs like this include taking a young person on social outings and helping them with homework.
  • Mentors in community programs work to positively influence the lives of those in their care.
  • Aimed at young people.

Online Mentoring

  • In addition to traditional mentoring programs, various industries have set up online mentoring programs for people who cannot meet face to face with experienced people.
  • We work people around the world who are seeking advice on business and education.
  • These companies use online conferencing tools or telecommunications to connect mentors with mentees on designated days.

Structured Mentoring

  • Organisations, companies and schools create structured mentoring programs.
  • They appoint inexperienced newcomers with experienced people to train and support them as they work toward their goals.
  • Many structured mentoring programs include goals of leadership development, diversity and retention of newcomers.
  • Structure may provide one-on-one mentoring or a network of mentors.

Informal Mentoring

  • Informal mentoring is when a person forms a spontaneous relationship with another person—often a new employee or student—to come alongside him in a new endeavour.
  • In this casual relationship, the new person seeks guidance and counselling from the more experienced person.

Inspirational YOU are one of London’s premier event planners. We have years of extensive event experience allowing us to create the best possible function every time.

Our expertise includes acting as event planners for high profile corporate hospitality, large scale festive parties, luxury sporting events and society weddings. As event planners we are always creative and dynamic in our approach.

Whatever your function Inspirational YOU will ensure that your event runs smoothly. Our team will not only meticulously plan, but they will also look after everything on the big day/night including hosts, DJ, catering, bar staff, floor staff and if required, security staff.

Our consultancy services and approaches are grounded in over 15 years of delivering community-based projects in London. We share our learning by providing practitioner-led research and evaluation, organisational development, community engagement, and bespoke skills training services.

Since 2010 we have worked with many organisations across the UK, helping communities achieve their own potentials through capacity building, knowledge development, and community engagement. We share our expertise, experience, and network through a participatory skills-building approach so that we leave behind an enabled and self-sustaining community.