Bernard P Achampong

Corporate Chameleon


Our host, Bernard P Achampong, is a corporate chameleon. He worked for six years as a problem solving engineer in Biotech and Aerospace companies.

He joined the BBC in 2002 and was part of the team that launched BBC Radio 1Xtra. Since then, he has journeyed through contrasting cultures within the same organisation: from the street savvy youth brands of Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, to the more Oxbridge-friendly Today Programme on Radio 4 and BBC Proms. In 2016, he joined Coventry University’s Entrepreneurship faculty where the established culture of academia challenged everything he knew about organisations. Bernard also runs Ideas Genius Ltd. and the We Are Unedited production company.

These small businesses offer further comparison with finding your place in a larger organisation – and being able to keep your identity, authenticity and sanity intact.


Wednesday 21st June 2017
Black Cultural Archives