Jackie Eyewe – Project Management & Brand Partnerships (Speaker) – I am young and I am winning – Saturday 23rd March 2013

Jackie Eyewe will be joining our ‘I am young and I am winning’ panel on Saturday 23rd March at Birkbeck, University of London.


Jackie began her career at the age of 15 as a features writer for Live Magazine, Jackie quickly worked her way up to becoming the deputy editor, delivering six successful and exciting issues of the youth-run publication. From this Jackie expanded her journalism skills into mentoring a group of 16 budding journalists at The Guardian, to produce a quality thought provoking supplement magazine ‘Deadline’.


Whilst maintaining her passion for journalism and writing Jackie transitioned into the PR and branding field after joining Above & Beyond, working with a number of influential celebrities and brands. Since then Jackie is now working in project management at Bauer Media, owners of KISS FM, Grazia and Empire magazine, working heavily on their GoThinkBig initiative, a partnership between Bauer and O2 that aims to help young people get their foot on the career ladder.


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