How did you hear about Inspirational YOU?

Through a friend of mine who helps organize the event. She sent me an invite as she thought it might be something I would be interested in.

What is your profession and what did you hope to achieve by coming to Inspirational YOU?

I am currently studying for a Masters in Journalism as well as freelancing for a number of publications including MTV WrapUp and SoulCulture. I hoped to meet like-minded people who strive to do and be better, and that’s exactly what I found.

Which workshop/masterclass did you attend and where?

I attended the media masterclass in the Strand on April 18th.

Who did you connect with and what was the result?

I connected with a lot of interesting people, most notably Liam Tootill who is managing director of SB.TV. We had already been in contact via Twitter for several months beforehand, following him reading an article on my blog. Speaking in person he told me about a new feature they were hoping to start on the online blog, discussing current affairs and issues – kind of similar to what I do on my own blog. So now I write for them once a week for a feature called SB.TV Listen Up.

Would you recommend others to attend Inspirational YOU events, if so why?

Definitely. I think it was very useful in gaining an insight into the minds of people also in the industry, as well as connecting with like minded people.

Will you attend other events?


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