Hepburn Harrison-Graham worked as a professional actor from 1979-1991 and has appeared in a variety of films and TV programmes, including Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Cry Freedom, The Firm and Eastenders. My stage work included a season at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In 1992 he began working for BBC radio sport. He started as a junior broadcaster but quickly became an assistant producer. During the formative years of radio 5 live he was fortunate enough to produce a wide range of programmes. Among them were. Hoops, an original programme about English basketball.  Sports America, an insight into American sport,  and Sunday Sport During this period he also devised and produced a number of documentaries. The  most notable being Across the White Line a four part series that chartered the history of black footballers in England.

In 1996 he worked as a  producer at  the Olympic Games  where, among other things, I produced a critically acclaimed radio documentary on Martin Luther King.   Later that year he became a boxing producer,  and  was lucky enough to produce  some of the most iconic fights in boxing history.  Hepburn held that position for seven years before becoming an assistant editor. In 2008 he became the first black editor in the history of BBC radio sport.

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