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Postgraduate Student Awards

The Fulbright Awards Programme is the only organisation that offers scholarships for academic work in any subject, at any accredited US university. In this Award category, approximately 30 scholarships are offered each year to UK citizens for the first year of postgraduate or doctoral study, or for ‘special student research’. Candidates choose and apply to US university departments directly and independently.


Fulbright Awards are for varying amounts, intended as a contribution towards the first year of tuition fees and general maintenance costs whilst in the US. They are generally paid in instalments directly to the grantee, the first of which is typically given just prior to departure from the UK. Individual awards may have different arrangements. A number of memberships, sickness and accident benefit coverage, and visa sponsorship are also included. There is substantial pre-departure support, including a Finalists Workshop (March) and a 2-day Orientation Programme (July). Once on-the-ground in the US, further support is offered by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

We currently offer the following Postgraduate Awards:

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