Don A.Onwunumah (Global Program Manager for mobile strategy at Barclays Investment Bank) – Hosts Design your mobile app – Be Inspired – Saturday 12th Jnaury 2013

Don will be delivering our workshop on designing a mobile app on Saturday 12th January 2013 at Birkbeck, University of London.


Don is currently the Global Program Manager for mobile strategy and growth at Barclay’s Investment Bank and Barclay’s Retail Banking and is heading their global strategy in the mobile landscape and associated data services. He is responsible for new innovative products in the financial and banking sector due to be delivered in 2013. He will be leading the Architecting and design for mobile products going forward and is responsible for design overview, infrastructure and delivery while managing a global team of highly skilled engineers across Europe, Asia and America.


He also runs a digital consultancy, Pigsty Alley Coders Ltd, which specialises in software application and infrastructure development in high growth markets. They help in modernising business technology, while helping with growth and strategy and navigating the confusing landscape in the current state of the Internet.


Don has over 15 years experience in software engineering and has worked across many sectors and delivered products for multi-nationals including Panasonic, TomTom, Ford and the Swiss Government as well as partaking in academic research. He has been involved developing numerous mobile apps across iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows and has worked closely with the teams at Facebook, Google and Twitter in ensuring their Software Development Kit that powers multiple applications is of high quality.


Workshop details:

1. Designing a mobile app from idea to implementation (1.5 hours)


1.1 Mobile Landscape (45 Mins)

A look into the mobile landscape.

Mobile development, just like engineering is a catch all term that doesn’t quite capture the complexity involved. In this session, we will be exploring what it takes to create a mobile application for your business and what you as an entrepreneur needs to be aware of when deciding when to start.

Although this is a technical session, there will no technical requirements required from the attendees – just an enthusiasm and determination.

1.2 Hands-On: Building a Cross-Platform Mobile Application with Facebook SDK (45 Mins)

This session will involve a walk through of how to build a cross-platform mobile application (Don’t worry, by this stage you will know what cross-platform means), including some live coding!

This is a must attend for those who are interested in mobile app’s at all levels.  You will be able to discuss your ideas, get free advice and a basic consultation.

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