Belinda Otas will be hosting our Let’s Talk Africa panel at You Tube on Thursday 10th October 2013.

Belinda is a versatile journalist, writer, editor, cultural critic, and an independent blogger.

Day out with belinda






She has a passionate interest in Africa: politics, social development, arts and culture, gender issues and the African diaspora. Currently working as a freelance journalist with various publications aimed at the international community – she has contributed to: Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC News Online, BBC Focus on Africa, The Africa Report, Think Africa Press, New African, Wings, Divascribe, Zam and Selamta magazines,, The Atlanta Post, This Is Africa among others. For these various publications, she covers politics, social development, gender, health and education stories, fashion and the arts and culture.


An award-winning journalist, Belinda is the assistant editor of the New African Woman magazine and the literary critic for the New African. She has also contributed to non-African publications such as The Root (U.S.), from the black British experience and African sensibility of news stories, and has written articles for Publishing Perspectives (U.S.), an international online publishing platform, about publishing in Africa.

Belinda has also written for Belletrista, based in the US, where she focused on women writers from different parts of the world. Her love for literature makes her a well sought after voice. She has also contributed to the Africa Book Club, an online portal, on African literature and publishing industry.



Belinda is also a current affairs commentator on Africa related news for Monocle Radio

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