On Wednesday 7th November Inspirational YOU held a master class at Birkbeck, University of London featuring four leading professionals who discussed

‘a winning mindset’.

It was a very powerful discussion and we have captured some of the evening.

Sheryl Nwosu – Barrister at 4 Breams Buildings

I believe in myself and I will show you. @She_Talks

No one really remembers you until you are in front of them. Follow up. Be innovative. CV’s only get you so far. #gettingtothetop

Be persistent. Chase the people that you want. Think everyday…. EXTRA STEPS. #gettingtothetop

Practical work experience is great, but Networking, networking, networking is so crucial. #gettingtothetop @She_Talks #lawstudents

You can get your foot in law with lower grades. Be resilient and have alternative interests. FIGHT for it. @She_Talks #Gettingtothetop

Sometimes law is paraded as a closed shop. Think outside the box. Provide a competitive edge. #Gettingtothetop

Patrick Clarke OBE – Director at UK Power Networks

@PatrickAClarke has a passion for engineering and has always followed his dream. #Gettingtothetop

@PatrickAClarke believes that everything is possible. He was written off at 11 and is always driven by challenges.

Self belief is key. We have to be consistent in all respects of our lives. Work, friends and family @PatrickAClarke #Gettingtothetop

Focus on what you want to achieve. Choose to deal with things or these things will deal with you. #Gettingtothetop @PatrickAClarke

My development did not come from work. It has come from everything else. I became a school governor at 21. @PatrickAClarke #Gettingtothetop

Engineer, school governor, Police officer, HR Director and the list goes. I build my value. @PatrickAClarke #Gettingtothetop

Good leaders want good people. If you can deliver, then that is what matters. @PatrickAClarke #Gettingtothetop

I set my goals around 3 arena’s. health, family and work. I plan for my family. #gettingtothetop @PatrickAClarke

I am so humbled to be in a room filled with people who are destined to succeed. @PatrickAClarke #Gettingtothetop

Angela Arnold – Solicitor and partner

Angela Arnold has a spirit of excellence. She believes that we should have multiple streams of income. She believes in self employment.

You to keep evaluating to move forward, to grow and to progress. Always re-evaluate those around you. #AngelaArnold #Gettingtothetop

It is healthy to re-evaluate and re-assess your life. #Gettingtothetop #AngelaArnold

I worked as a paralegal in a magic circle firm whilst studying for my degree. I was not going to be in debt. #Gettingtothetop #AngelaArnold

I had to endure in order to progress. I took all opportunities and ran with it. I knew where I (cont)

Each of you has a winning mindset. Keep the momentum up. You can’t start anything by standing still. #AngelaArnold #Gettingtothetop

Joanna Abeyie – Freelance entertainment journalist & presenter

I am inspired by those who have failed. #Gettingtothetop via @Joanna_Abeyie

Count your blessings. @Joanna_Abeyie #Gettingtothetop

The media industry is too influential for me not to play a part in making it more diverse. #Gettingtothetop @Joanna_Abeyie @shine_media

I knew that I was going to work in NY. I doubted myself, but I did it! Don’t be afraid to try it anyway. #Gettingtothetop @Joanna_Abeyie

People do business with people. You share your vision and when others see your passion doors open. #Gettingtothetop @Joanna_Abeyie

The only person that will hold you back is YOU. @Joanna_Abeyie #Gettingtothetop

Denise Rawls – Head of Press Dept at Ofsted and Entrepreneur I am a planner. The only person that I answer to is myself. It has (cont)

Sometimes you have to close the door on those who hold you back. #Gettingtothetop @Inspirational_U

My values have not changed as a result of running the press office. @ilvstrangefruit #Gettingtothetop

People like people and people do business with people. People like to talk. #Gettingtothetop @ilvstrangefruit

Once you put it out there, people will find you. #Gettingtothetop @ilvstrangefruit

I worked in a pub to pay my way through university and now I run the press office. @ilvstrangefruit #Gettingtothetop

Your niche is a fantastic opportunity. #gettingtothetop

@She_Talks asked the panel to surmise. “I am not particularly special, I just work hard & ask questions.” @ilvstrangefruit #Gettingtothetop

Tips for a winning mind set

Comparison is the real enemy to success. #Gettingtothetop

The panel have emphasised the benefit of volunteering. It gives you such a rich experience. #gettingtothetop

Attendees and speakers feedback.

Big s/o to @SoniaMeggie for this evenings @Inspirational_U event! Another great event, stellar panel, engaged attendees…Brilliant!!

@SoniaMeggie absolutely! Thank you for allowing us to share, learn and grow #inspirationalyou

The eminent panel at #Gettingtothetop gave a great insight with their experience and feedback. Thank you: @SoniaMeggie @Inspirational_U

Another great @Inspirational_U event – thanks @SoniaMeggie for putting together & inviting me to talk to some great people #Inspiring

Good event last night, it gave me a motivational booster. I woke this morning with the thought of “choose to win” 🙂

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