Inspirational YOU

Inspiring, Educational, Informative and Networking events

Inspirational YOU is an award winning London based social enterprise that was formed in March 2010. We are a leading trainer and provider of: Inspiring, Educational, Informative and Networking events.

Events & Seminars

We support women, young people and BAME professionals.

Our events are aimed at those seeking to learn; from each other, network; with each other; promote enterprise, and develop their skill base.

Our seminars and talks are ideal for those who wish to start a business, development their skill set or change careers. We support young people, start ups, students, business leaders or those who have a passion for change. Our programme of activities are designed to motivate and inspire participants by connecting them to leaders and businesses.

Inspirational YOU also curate events for those seeking to learn and network in a positive and professional environment.

We provide exciting opportunities and exclusive events for participants to be coached by top speakers and well respected entrepreneurs.

Our conferences and seminars are attended by SME’s, community groups, enterprise agencies, charities, schools, colleges, universities and regulatory bodies. We deliver sector specific panels for those within the media, legal, tech, finance, fashion, PR, marketing, STEM, photography, sport, youth and health.

We are always seeking partnerships with organisations that support diversity and want to make a difference.

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