Mentoring Programmes

We are seeking mentoring for our new Saturday School in South West London and a girls project in Ghana.  Can you assist in any of the following?

  • Peer to peer mentoring (young person to young person)
  • Mentoring children
  • Mentoring training
  • Online mentoring
  • Informal mentoring on an ad hoc basis in schools and our community projects

Peer Mentoring:

  • Peer mentoring assigns mentees to someone with experience who is in their age group.
  • Peer mentoring usually occurs in educational settings, either consisting of one-on-one relationships or group mentoring.
  • Group mentoring consists of a mixture of experienced and new people working together to support one another.
  • Groups meet face to face and via electronic conferencing at a designated time to discuss issues.

Community-Based Mentoring Programmes:

  • Community-based programs provide mentors to children, young people and those who would benefit from professional advice.
  • Mentoring for programs like this include taking a young person on social outings and helping them with homework.
  • Mentors in community programs work to positively influence the lives of those in their care.
  • Aimed at young people.

Online Mentoring

  • In addition to traditional mentoring programs, various industries have set up online mentoring programs for people who cannot meet face to face with experienced people.
  • We work people around the world who are seeking advice on business and education.
  • These companies use online conferencing tools or telecommunications to connect mentors with mentees on designated days.

Structured Mentoring

  • Organisations, companies and schools create structured mentoring programs.
  • They appoint inexperienced newcomers with experienced people to train and support them as they work toward their goals.
  • Many structured mentoring programs include goals of leadership development, diversity and retention of newcomers.
  • Structure may provide one-on-one mentoring or a network of mentors.

Informal Mentoring

  • Informal mentoring is when a person forms a spontaneous relationship with another person—often a new employee or student—to come alongside him in a new endeavour.
  • In this casual relationship, the new person seeks guidance and counselling from the more experienced person.