Challenge 2012 – Southbank Centre (London) – Saturday 22nd September

Inspirational YOU will be at Challenge 2012 on Saturday 22nd September 2012.Book your workshop today.

Activity Title: 1 – 13:30pm

Don’t Stereotype Me – Creating a Paradigm Shift

Activity Description:
An interactive workshop exploring the power of perception and diversity, its impact on educational attainment and stories of overcoming adversity. A panel of professionals will reflect on how we stereotype and pass judgement on others based on dress, race and educational attainment.

Activity Title: 2 14:45pm

I am Young and I am Winning!

Activity Description:
A powerful session – Inspired by the personal experiences of a group of dynamic and successful 16 – 25 year olds. Delegates will discuss and hear about the different approaches taken to make personal dreams possible. These young leaders prove that there are no barriers that cannot be overcome.

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